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department avatarSafe and Drug Free Schools


All-Stars Middle School Drug Prevention Program

Middle and high school students learn how to write a prevention plan specific to a school's needs and start a club that empowers them to implement prevention efforts in the areas of substance abuse and violence

Community of Caring/Character Education

A character education program that offers a framework of staff development, ongoing support, values in and across the curriculum, family and community involvement, service learning, and student leadership for high school students.

Implementing Violence and Drug Awareness Weeks

Websites, resources, activities, and curriculum connections are provided to schools so that they may focus on nationally recognized events such as Peace Week and Red Ribbon Week.

Peer Mediation

Teams of counselors and teachers from elementary and secondary schools learn how to effectively implement a peer mediation program that involves students to peacefully resolve conflicts that occur in their school.

Project Alert

A skills-based drug prevention program for middle school students that addresses the gateway drugs.

Student Assistance Program

A site-based problem identification and referral team in the middle and high schools that implements prevention strategies.