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The goal is for all schools to be audited over time. High Schools and Middle Schools are audited every 18 months-2 years. Elementary Schools are audited at least every 3 years.

All school audits will receive one of the ratings listed below:

CLEAN - No reportable issues.

NORMAL - Common compliance issues.

PRIORITY (P1) - Deficiencies have been noted in some areas that need to be revisited sooner than what the regular rotation allows.

AT RISK - The school has a general lack of controls and non-adherence to District policies and procedures, and assurance cannot be provided.

Clean and Normal rated school audits are placed back in the regular audit rotation. P1 and AT RISK rated school audits are reaudited within the following 6 to 12 months.

To receive a copy of a school audit report, please contact Janette Scott at (702) 799-6360 ext. 5070.