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Provision Schools


CCSD Provision schools provide free breakfast and lunch to all students regardless of individual household eligibility. 

Schools implementing a provision have experienced great success, allowing them to make numerous improvements to their school nutrition programs.

  • Easing administrative burden.  Provision status allows eligible schools to provide breakfast and lunch to all students at no charge.
  • Increasing participation.  All children at Provision schools receive meals at no charge, incentivizing participation.
  • Improving efficiency. Provision status helps lunch lines move more quickly, allowing children more time to enjoy their meal.
  • Eliminating stigma.  Because all students eat at no charge, no child at a Provision school will ever be singled out among peers as receiving a subsidized meal, receive an "alternate" meal, or be denied a meal.
  • Fighting child hunger.  Children attending Provision schools can count on two nutritious meals every school day, stretching families' limited budgets and reducing hunger among children.