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Employment and Payroll Verification

Forms: Public Service Loan Forgiveness, DoDEA Form 5013, and Heartland/Perkins Deferment

District employees may obtain employment and payroll verification through uConfirm. This service offers secure, confidential internet access and telephone support Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm (ET).

To access Employment Verification Information, verifiers will need to register and submit their requests online at They will need the following information:

  1. Your full Social Security Number
  2. Your First and Last Name
  3. Name of Employer (Clark County School District)
  4. A signed authorization form (for income verification)

If your verifier has questions or encounter issues, they can contact customer support by calling (404) 382-5400, option 2.

Do you have a Public Service Loan Forgiveness form? You can submit your request to uConfirm by fax at (404) 829-1336 or by email to If you have any questions, you can contact uConfirm support at (404) 382-5400, option 4.

Do you have a Social Service Request from a government agency? You can submit your request to uConfirm by fax at (404) 829-1336 or by email to, or have your caseworker send a request to uConfirm. Be sure to include the following information on the form:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. The last 4 of your Social Security Number
  3. Name of your Employer (Clark County School District)
  4. A return fax number for the social security agency
  5. Authorization form or signature (when applicable)

Requests will be processed within one (1) business day. If you have any questions, you can contact uConfirm’s social service department at (404) 382-5400, option 4.

The uConfirm Employee eManager provides employees with the ability to view reports containing their current employment and income information for personal use only. To register as an employee, visit The employee access code is 4E13D10A. Using these reports for consumer verification purposes (such as applying for a car loan or mortgage) could violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act and may result in a fine.

Forms: Verification of Teaching Experience, Fedloan Teach Grant Certification, and Teacher Loan Forgiveness, click here for CCSD to complete the request.