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Notice of Missing or Damaged CCSD iPad

If the iPad is deemed stolen from campus or to/from school, the school should contact CCSD School Police Dispatch. Principals may call Detective David Platt (Cell 491-4473) with questions.

If the iPad is stolen off-campus, parents or staff should contact the public police department for the neighborhood immediately by dialing 311 and report the theft of the device.

  • Make sure to supply school administration with the police report number.
  • Information Needed: Student name & ID# or Staff Name and device information: model, serial number, asset tag.

Prompt reporting of damage or missing iPads is imperative. Risk Management is working closely with schools and law enforcement officials to handle each event within 48 hours from the time of damage or loss.

Notice of Missing or Damaged CCSD iPad

Items marked with a * are required

Please enter in the format of first name and then last name.

Who was assigned the iPad?
Assigned to Student
Assigned to Staff

First and Last Name of person that was assigned the iPad.

Student or Employee ID number.

Name of parent(s)/guardian(s) that signed for and accepted issuance of the iPad on behalf of the student.

How was iPad lost or damaged? Choose the best description.


CCSD Asset tag number assigned to iPad

Apple serial number

Model of iPad

Police Department having jurisdiction for the loss

Police Report Event Number

Amount charged to person assigned the iPad

Current status of the fine.

What was the funding source for the original purchase of this iPad?

Any additional information regarding this report.

Supporting documentation showing assignment of iPad.