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4204 Channel 10 Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Business Hours: Please contact
Phone: (702) 799-8411
Fax: (702) 799-1577

Mission of Safe and Drug Free Schools

The mission of Safe & Drug Free Schools is to assist school communities in creating an environment where violence and substance abuse education, prevention, and intervention strategies are developed and implemented in partnership with community coalitions.

Department Staff

  • Rosa O'Bannon, Coordinator

  • Rachel Dos Santos, Office Specialist


Overview of Services

  • Evidence-based programs designed to use among students
  • Staff development on violence and substance abuse education, prevention, and intervention
  • Site-specific identification and implementation of programs to address needs of learning communities
  • Prevention strategists to facilitate and support program implementation, evaluate program effectiveness, and access community resources and services

Substance Abuse Awareness Program Instructors

Kari Butchko, CCSD Teacher

Lindsay Clark, CCSD Teacher

Darlene Cruz, CCSD Counselor

Sean Fitzsimons, CCSD Teacher

Shane Hickman, CCSD Teacher

Gina Holman-Garcia, CCSD Counselor

Regina James, CCSD Counselor

Dwane Martinson, CCSD Teacher

Alane McQueeney, CCSD Counselor

Randy Schucker, CCSD Teacher