School-Community Partnership Program Advisory Council

Partnership Advisory Council

In addition to being responsive to the Superintendent and the Clark County School District Board of Trustees, the School-Community Partnership Program, a part of the Community and Government Relations, reports bimonthly to an Advisory Council of business and community leaders. The Advisory Council over the years has served as a resource for contacts in the community and has provided insights into trends in our business community that could be of impact to the mission of the program.

Members of the Partnership Advisory Council include:

D.J. Allen Kristin McMillan
Tom Axtell Sandy Miller
Mike Barton Beverly Mathis
Elaina Blake Al O’Neal
Lisa Brown Dr. Thomas Pierce
Brendan Bussman Mike Randall
Ron Comings Dave Rice
Chanda Cook Willie Robinson
Tom Fay Russell Rowe
Chris Garvey Bob Schaich
Jeff Geihs William Scott
Douglas Gillespie MaryBeth Scow
Linda Givens Cynthia Sell
Diane Goodchild Judi Steele
William Hartwell Josh Swissman
Warren Hioki Greg Thomas
Barbara King Tom Warden
Dave Kirvin Melissa Warren
William Martin Carolyn Wheeler
Beverly Mathis Deanna Wright

Emeritus members include:

Honorable Shelly Berkley Robin Greenspun
Richard Bunker Jacque Matthews
Brian Cram Barbara Mulholland
Jenny DesVaux Oakes Dennis Stein
Mark Fine Elaine Wynn
Richard Fraim