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PDE Frequently Asked Questions

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How are PDE courses graded?

PDE courses are pass/fail. All PDE courses are mastery based. This means participants must complete all assigned work with a grade of 80% or better to earn credit. Attendance at all face-to-face sessions is mandatory. Absences are not allowed.

When will a participant receive PDE credit?

Credit is posted in Pathlore approximately two weeks after successful completion of the course. Participants who need credit posted immediately for emergency purposes should ask the instructor to request expedited service. This is only done for individuals whose licenses are expiring immediately or who have deadlines for submitting verification of training which will not be met by waiting the usual two weeks.

What type of documentation is available to prove course completion?

The PDE office provides official transcripts to participants upon request. These transcripts are accepted by the Nevada Department of Education and Clark County School District as official documentation of class completion. Transcripts are cumulative and will relfect all PDE classes taken for the past ten years.

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Can a participant miss part of a PDE class and still earn credit?

In order to earn credit, a participant must attend all sessions of a class in full. Absences are not allowed.

Where can I find more information regarding Professional Development Education?

CCSD employees can find more information about PDE in the CCSD Hub located in Canvas or by visiting the course at this link. Site visitors will be required to login to Canvas in order to access this link. Additional information regarding PDE policies and procedures is also availabe at