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2551 Vegas Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89106
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Phone: (702) 855-8440
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Assistive Technology Services

Student Services Assistive Technology
2551 Vegas Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89106
702--855-8440 | 702-855-8448 (fax)

Department Functions

Assistive Technology (AT) Services provides educationally relevant technologies to support a free and appropriate public education. This is accomplished through a systematic method where IEP teams including students, parents, teachers, related service providers consider the need for AT during the IEP process. Through an assessment and trial process, IEP Teams are able to explore technologies that can aid a student’s education. Once the IEP Team has considered the use of technology, AT Services provides training, follow up, repair, and coordination of services to help support the student. Other types of Assistive Technology can be the use of an electronic speaking device or software to assist the student’s performance academically. Like any other accommodation or modification, AT is used when more natural accommodations and modifications have not been successful in supporting IEP goals and benchmarks in the least restrictive environment.

As Assistive Technology is considered during the development of the IEP, all concerns should be directed to the IEP team. During an IEP, Assistive Technology can be discussed by looking at the three-tiered model of service implementation.