Employee's FMLA Frequently asked questions

Where is the Human Resources building located?
The Human Resources Office is located at 2832 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. Please note that this building is located on the south side of Flamingo with the buildings that end in an odd number address.
What are your hours of operations?
Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Our offices are closed on Federal and State Holidays.
What is FML?
In compliance with federal law, the Clark County School District provides Family and Medical Leave (FML) for eligible employees. The Family and Medical Leave Act permits an employee to take up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave for a serious health condition and certain military-related events for self, and/or a ‘qualifying’ family member (leave for a family member related injury/illness may be up to 26 weeks in a single12 month period).
What requirements must be met for an employee to qualify for FML (Self or Family)?
To be eligible for FML, the applicant must have been employed for at least twelve (12) months and have worked 1250 hours during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the request for FML. Qualifying events may include an employee’s own serious health condition or immediate family members, maternity/paternity/adoption, exigency, and to care for an injured service member.
Is FML leave paid or unpaid?
By law, FML is unpaid; however, District Regulations require concurrent use of available and applicable paid leave while accessing FML. Therefore, upon depletion of all available leave, FML would become unpaid.
How much time is granted to obtain supporting documentation from my health care provider?
FML provides fifteen (15) calendar days to provide supporting documentation. Extension may be permitted in extenuating circumstances.
What is required to return to duty from FML or a LOA?
A release to return to duty without restrictions from the health care provider submitted before such leave expires.
How much leave may an employee be granted under FML?
FML entitles eligible employees to take up to a total of twelve (12) weeks (60 work days) per rolling twelve-(12) month period.
How long can an employee be out on maternity/paternity leave?
If an employee does not qualify for FML, he/she may be eligible for maternity/paternity leave of up to six (6) weeks surrounding a natural birth and eight (8) weeks surrounding a C-Section.
What is intermittent FML?
Intermittent leave is leave taken on an occasional basis for medical appointments, treatments, and/or episodic flare ups for a chronic serious health condition or injury of the employee or family member.
What if the employee does not meet the requirements for FML?
The employee may access available sick leave or apply for a leave of absence.
Can an employee use sick leave and not apply for FML?
Sequential use of sick leave and FML is considered leave-stacking. The District requires concurrent use of available and applicable paid leave when on FML leave.
Will FML protect employees’ personal leave days?
The District will consider FML leave when determining eligibility for attendance bonuses. FML will not protect personal leave days.
What medical certification is needed to support medical leave of absence?
Health care provider must provide incapacitating medical condition, duration, and treatment plan.
How does LOA affect my benefits?
Contact Benefits Department for more information at 799-5418.
Is my position protected under FML/LOA?
Employees returning from FML will be restored to the same position, or assigned to a similar position with equivalent benefits. Employees returning from LOA shall be reinstated to an equal or comparable position for which the employee qualifies. Placements will only be made when a vacancy occurs in the same Area from which the employee left.