Pat, Personally

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The importance of safety and respect

School rivalries can produce excitement and healthy competition. The excitement of the crowd on a Friday night builds team camaraderie and produces excitement with a rush of school pride for many of our student athletes. But our actions must always be guided, first and foremost, by safety and respect.

Maintaining school environments, both inside and outside the classroom, based on respect and good character is necessary for the overall success of our students and the community. A recent incident involving two CCSD high school football teams serves as a reminder that we must encourage positive sportsmanship. It is the responsibility of all involved to ensure students understand that they can enjoy themselves while conducting themselves honorably.

High school is about building a positive foundation for success, while having some fun along the way. Extracurricular activities are a great way to meet new friends, gain valuable skills and create great memories. Whether events take place on or off-campus, students are an extension of their school and should take pride in their role as ambassadors for the sport and community.

Healthy competition is great, but physical violence is never okay. Students who resort to physical violence are subject to disciplinary action, and teams can also be penalized with forfeiture.

Let's all remember to be safe and just have fun.