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School Activities/Events/Field Trips

When students leave school grounds for an educational purpose, or invite outside participants into schools for events, additional and unique hazards or chances of injury are created.  This increases the district’s exposure to financial loss.

Risk Management has attempted to review the level of chance of loss of known types of trips and events and determined the best way to manage and minimize financial exposure by assigning a Hazard Class to the activity.

The purpose of Risk Management is only to consult or advise. However, if we feel an activity or event is so dangerous that there is no way to prevent catastrophic injury, we will consult with the Advisor, Principal and School Associate Superintendent about the dangers presented.  We can discuss the activity to determine whether we can make changes to manage the risk or insure the event based on what the students will be doing.  It is up to the Site Administration and Performance Zone to determine if, based on the facts, the activity should proceed.  

All activities should be reviewed by the Site Administration to ensure the activities are appropriate and a benefit to the students.  If the decision is made to not report and insure a specific event and there is a large loss, the School Board is notified by the claims unit that CCSD has to payout for an uninsured loss.

The Request for Approval of School Origanized Trip must be completed for all trips/events/activities, and signed by the Principal and forwarded to the appropriate School Associate Superintendent for review.  Any event/trip/activity with Hazard Class over 1 should be submitted to the School Associate Superintendent's office so we can track trip information.

If the school is asked to sign a contract, release, waiver, or other legal documents to participate or conduct the event, Risk Management strongly suggests the school contact CCSD Legal Department at 702-799-5373 to review the documents to ensure legal protection of the District.  If you are required to show proof of insurance, contact our Insurance Services Manager at 702-799-6496 x5642.

Links to forms:

Request for Approval of School Organized Trip for Students (CCF-798)

Hazard Class Examples and Rates

Standard Itinerary form (if needed)

Approved Charter Bus Company List

CCSD Rental Car Procedure

CCSD Rental Car Request Form

Chaperones that are not CCSD employees should complete the training and guidelines form provided at the link below. (Note - the completed chaperone guidelines form should be returned to the school administration)

Volunteer Chaperone Training


*This coverage should not be confused with the required individual medical insurance required for all athletes participating in sanctioned sports.

NOTE: Per Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA) regulations, schools shall not sponsor (financially) a student or team, provide uniforms, equipment, or transportation to participate in any out-of-season competition for a sanctioned sport.