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2012 Playoffs

Question: What is Varsity Quiz?

Answer: Varsity Quiz is a interscholastic Knowledge match between two high schools. The "match" has three rounds, and usually takes around 30 minutes to complete. The match format is as follows:

Round One: Top 25: no time limit

There will be 25 questions in the first round worth 5 points each for a total possible of 125 points. This round will not be played against the clock; however, players must ring in within 5 seconds from the completion of the question. If the first answer is incorrect, the other team must ring in immediately after the first answer is declared incorrect. Otherwise, the question will be answered by the moderator and no points will be awarded. Once the student has rung in, he/she must wait for the moderator to call their school name and their name.

Round Two: Toss-Up/Bonus:6 minute time limit or 10


A 5 point Toss-Up question will be asked. The team that correctly answers the Toss-Up question will be given a Bonus question with a two part answer. The team is given 10 seconds to discuss the question and the team captain must answer for the team. Each correct answer to the Bonus question is worth 5 points (for a total of 10 points). This round will be a 6 minute timed round.

Round Three: Speed Round:6 minute time limit*

The clock will be set for 6 minutes and questions will be worth 5 points each. Teams will have 3 seconds to ring in. If an answer is incorrect, the other team must immediately ring in to have an opportunity to answer. There are no set number of questions in this round, and questions will continue until the 6 minute time limit. When a player has rung in, he/she must wait until the name caller has identified the name of their school and his/her name before answering.

*For TV Matches, the length of this round will be adjusted as time allows.