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Question: What do we do for TV matches?

Congratulations are in order for your team for making the playoffs! The reward for making the playoffs is your upcoming appearance on KLVX TV, Channel 10. Since you'll be on TV, there are some things to be aware of.

Student Information Cards

Every student playing in a TV game must provide an information card to Channel 10 with the following information:

    Student name (with phonetic pronunciation)
    Interests, hobbies, clubs of which you are a member. Feel free to brag, but do not include the fact that you like to gargle, collect belly lint, or that you are an active member in the Cheese whiz of the Month club!
    *Awards/Honors: This is your 15 minutes of fame so don't be shy! Future Plans: Include which college you plan to attend and major if you know it.

Tips for Televised Matches

Please dress appropriately for TV games. Avoid white shirts and blouses. Team outfits are great.

School coaches should identify and communicate to the moderator your starters about 15 minutes prior to taping time.