PAYBAC Program Goals

Overview and Purpose

The Professionals And Youth Building a Commitment (PAYBAC) Program incorporates community volunteers into at-risk middle and alternative high schools as positive role models. Volunteers are invited to participate in this meaningful program to help motivate youth by sharing their own story, in their own words.

Volunteers make classroom visits and talk to the students about what education has meant to them. Each session requires a two-hour time commitment, with about 45 minutes spent interacting with students in their classrooms.

The purpose of the PAYBAC Program is to motivate our youth to stay in school and graduate, as outlined in the district’s five-year strategic plan, Focus: 2024. PAYBAC speakers emphasize the importance of education and the development of job-keeping skills needed to succeed and encourage students to aspire to the highest level of education they can attain.

Interested volunteers can contact the Clark County School District’s School-Community Partnership Program at 702-799-6560 for additional information.