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Miley Achievement Center

245 North Pecos Road
Las Vegas, NV 89101
702-799-5631 | 702-799-5642
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Description of School

Miley Achievement Center is a special school, servicing students from 3-21 years of age. The focus is on students who are affected by emotional and or behavioral disorders. The mission is to ensure all students who have serious emotional disturbance will benefit from their education academically, socially and vocationally; by receiving direct instruction and community experience. The school believes in children and their ability to be successful in school, community and in life. Miley focuses on ensuing that students’ have been assessed and are receiving the most appropriate services to meet their individual needs.

Placement at Miley is instrumented through the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). The focus is to prepare students for life’s journey by providing them a sound academic program, social skill instruction, self-management and responsibility training through the establishment of a strong foundation from which they can build and establish their lives as contributing members of society. Utilizing a counseling base for instruction, students are empowered to make better choices for themselves and build self-esteem skills through encouragement and self-reflection.

The Miley Achievement Center program is based on the fundamental belief that all people have the basic right to be treated with dignity and respect. They also have the right to benefit from an educational program that is most appropriate to meet their individual needs. Miley offers pre-school, elementary and secondary curriculum, following Clark County School District standards and the State of Nevada guidelines for instruction.  Standard curriculum encompasses the arts, music, technology, counseling, foreign language, community service, vocational internships and college prep classes.