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4170 McLeod Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Business Hours: Please contact
Phone: (702) 799-5471
Fax: (702) 799-5043

Organizational Structure

The current organizational structure of the Student Services Division is designed to bring services closer to the schools and to promote improved collaboration. It provides a structure that defines the division’s role as a leader in safeguarding the rights of all students and ensuring equitable access to all educational opportunities. The design strengthens school-based services while providing technical assistance and support to students, parents, administrators, and school staff.

Assistant Superintendent

The Assistant Superintendent provides leadership for implementing the mission and goals of the division in accordance with the Superintendent’s vision, federal and state laws/regulations and District policy. District-wide services such as the Office of Charter Schools, Office of Compliance and Monitoring, GATE Department, Health Services, Wraparound Services, Homebound Department, Personnel and Finance Department, Department of Student Threat Evaluation, and all special education services are aligned with this office.