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1994AB Bond Programs

Nevada is a state that historically has not provided assistance for school construction and modernization projects. Seeking voter approval to pass bond questions has been the only feasible way of obtaining financing to build schools at the pace needed. Capital Improvement Programs are left to each individual county to support. An initiative in Nevada passes with a majority vote.

Voters approved Part A of the initiative for a $605 million building program to be completed by 2000. The program was to provided money for land acquisition, new school construction, major expansions, and modernization projects at existing schools.

Voters declined a Part B initiative that would have provided another $300 million for new school construction. Taxes would have slightly increased through this vote. The vote missed by less than half of one half percent. The additional funding would have allowed the district to build enough schools at the time to continue to build elementary schools on a 9-month calendar.


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