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1988 Bond Programs

Nevada is a state that historically has not provided assistance for school construction and modernization projects. Seeking voter approval to pass bond questions has been the only feasible way of obtaining financing to build schools at the pace needed. Capital Improvement Programs are left to each individual county to support. An initiative in Nevada passes with a majority vote.

Voters approved $669 million for a building program in 1988. The bond was passed with the promise that the building program would not require a tax rate increase. That promise was kept.

Conditions the district had no control over

  • Increased costs and an unfriendly bidding climate account for increased costs during this bond program. Significantly higher bids due to the building boom in Las Vegas between 1989 and 1993.
  • Higher than anticipated construction costs of schools in the outlying areas.
  • Compliance with new facility requirements as mandated by the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Installation of extensive computer networking in the school
  • Upgraded heating and air conditioning systems for increased performance and lower maintenance costs.
  • Increased building costs accounted for $55 million, or at the time the equivalent of 10 elementary schools.

New Schools – 57 schools were constructed in seven years. 85% of the seats projected were produced and 94% of the square footage projected was constructed.

Renovations/Modernizations- $85 million in renovations to existing schools. The rehab and modernization work was seen through classroom improvements, restroom modernization, new intercom/telephone system, Exterior lighting upgrade, science and computer labs, library upgrade, music/art/PE, HVAC, Bleacher modernization, gym floor replacement, tech labs, shade structures, playground upgrade/equipment, and roofing.


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