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department avatarAssessment, Accountability, Research & School Improvement

Accountability & Research

Position Name Phone Ext
Director I Jeffrey Halsell 702-799-1041 5262
Coordinator IV Jose Linares 702-799-1041 5263
Coordinator III Kenneth Retzl 702-799-1041 5269
Administrative Clerk Alexis Bennett 702-799-1041 5956
Database Analyst III Mary Clarke 702-799-1041 5962
Database Analyst III Kensaku Okada 702-799-1041  
Data Visualization Analyst I Amir Mustafa 702-799-1041  
Programmer Geordan Keller 702-799-1041  
Data Research Analyst Kate Eugenis 702-799-1041  

About Accountability

The Accountability Department is responsible for coordinating the district data in alignment with the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act (ESEA) and the ESEA waiver that was approved for Nevada.  The Accountability Department provides resources and training for the Nevada Growth Model, Nevada Report Card, and the Nevada School Performance Framework.

Nevada Annual Accountability Reports

CCSD Accountability Reports

About Research

Research coordinators engage in activities designed to promote the development and implementation of targeted research and evaluation projects. They facilitate the use of research findings as a basis for curricular, instructional, management, and leadership decisions. Additionally, they coordinate research efforts from universities, research institutions and individuals wishing to conduct studies within the District.

Districtwide Survey (Español)

Research Review Process

Educational Research