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Monday, February 4, 2013

The turnaround continues

Today, the District announced three new turnaround schools. I want to share the release the District put out today, which outlines some of the details of the three turnaround schools and what will happen in the coming weeks and months. We’re all in this together, and with community support, I am confident that we can bring lasting and transformative change to these schools.

Superintendent Dwight D. Jones


District announces three new turnaround schools
One elementary, two high schools selected

LAS VEGAS – To fast track academic achievement, improve school climate, increase graduation rates and give every child a quality education, the Clark County School District designated Cimarron-Memorial High School, Sunrise Mountain High School and Elizabeth Wilhelm Elementary School as the District’s newest turnaround schools.

Under the turnaround model, schools will get additional resources and opportunities for achievement that have been tested and been proven to be effective at a dozen schools in the nation’s fifth-largest school district. Each school will also have a fresh start with a new principal who will be charged with developing a school improvement plan, allowing current teachers to decide if they want to be a part of the exciting changes that await their school and, ultimately, assembling a team that is all-in for the transformation of the Turnaround Schools.

In addition to increased academic achievement, the District’s original turnaround schools have seen higher graduation rates, increased attendance, lower rates of disciplinary action being taken with students and a renewed sense of school pride and excitement.

Turnaround schools are schools that have traditionally under-performed and are in need of a renewed focus that puts an emphasis on helping students achieve and grow.

Each school was carefully selected for turnaround status after District officials reviewed each school’s two School Performance Framework rankings, graduation rate, student growth data and conducted in-person interviews on the campus. The schools will now be placed in the Turnaround Zone.

Superintendent Dwight D. Jones says it’s important for the community to understand that schools designated for turnaround are not being punished.
“We cannot leave these kids in a situation where their chances for success aren't the same as others in the District.”

At each of the original turnaround schools, Jones noted, community support played a big role in changing the academic culture and climate at each school.

“These will not be overnight changes,” Jones added. “This represents a long-term commitment to putting the needs of students at these schools first. It’s imperative that the community get behind our new turnaround schools. We need all hands on deck.”

Principals for the three schools will be named in the coming weeks. The District remains committed to informing the public of the forthcoming changes as the process moves forward.

The implementation of the turnaround model is consistent with the model for academic achievement outlined by the District in “A Look Ahead, Phase II: Progress Made and the Next Mile.” The report is available on the Clark County School District’s website.