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Monday, November 26, 2012

(Not So) Random Acts of Kindness

Too often, we hear about everything that goes wrong. Broken air conditioning systems, administrators who don’t do this, teachers who don’t do that. What we don’t hear enough about are all the good things that happen in this District. Amazing acts of kindness and selflessness from our students, administrators and teachers.

Of the many acts of kindness that took place over the holiday weekend, there are few that I’d like to acknowledge.

The students at Justice Myron Leavitt Middle School collected 21,000 canned food items to benefit families in need for Thanksgiving. In addition, the students and staff were able to donate 12 full Thanksgiving dinners to families near the school. The Student Council at Liberty High School, under the leadership of teachers Jordan Ballard and Jeremy Perkowski, donated gift baskets to several families.

And, in what is quickly becoming a new tradition, students and staff from more than 30 CCSD schools planned a fantastic event at Cimarron-Memorial High School to provide a Thanksgiving dinner to anyone in our community who found themselves without the means to provide the spread of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and more. Because of the hard work of the students and staff, under the leadership of Principal Joe Caruso and assistance of our community partners, nearly 1,000 people enjoyed a day of fun and food, and dozens of volunteers provided the true meaning of the holiday spirit.

We don’t often hear about the great work that happens every day inside our schools, but if you look closely, you can find them. Amazing people doing amazing things. We have areas that could use improvement, but I’d like to invite all of you to keep an eye out for the good things that happen and, when you find them, tell a friend or neighbor.

If there’s something you believe the community should know about, please send me an email at, send me a tweet @dwightdjones or send a message to the District’s Facebook page.

I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing about the great things happening here.

Dwight D. Jones
Superintendent of Schools