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Monday, January 8, 2018

Next step of reorganization will increase transparency

CCSD is continuing to provide better customer service and transparency to our schools as part of the Clark County Schools Achieve Reorganization Effort. One major step we recommend comes as a result of collaboration with a group led by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to create a proposal for the development of service level agreements (SLAs) that will help schools understand the cost and scope of central services they receive and give them more autonomy over how resources are spent at their schools.

On Jan. 11, 2018, an item is included on the agenda of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees that recommends the transfer of responsibilities as required by Assembly Bill 469, Section 16, through service level agreements.

A vote in favor of this item would accomplish several objectives required by AB 469 and also could advance the board’s desire to increase customer service and transparency:

  • This item will transfer the authority to schools for carrying out the responsibilities of some direct services to schools, including: Assessment, Athletics, Student Activities, Fine Arts, Orchestra, Summer School, Staff Development Services, Education Services Division, Attendance Enforcement, Safe & Drug Free Schools, Legislatively Mandated Defibrillator and EpiPen Services, Credit Recovery, Graduation Services, Alternative Student Programs, Gifted and Talented Education, Moapa Valley Farm, English Language Learner School Services, English Language Learner Testing, Prime 6 field trips,  Transportation, Vehicle Maintenance, Landscaping, Utilities, Technology Support, School Site Administration - Human Resources Allocation, Trash Disposal, Human Resources Extended Day Staffing, Police Services, Partnership Office Field Trips, and University of Family Learning Services and Staff.
  • This item would also provide funding for these direct services to schools into school strategic budgets, and schools will continue to purchase the services listed above from district Central Services using that allocation for the 2018-19 school year.
  • Finally, approval of this item would also allow the Clark County School District to be in compliance with Assembly Bill 469, Section 18, which requires that 85 percent of the district’s unrestricted funds be allocated to schools.

Here's how the SLA process will work:

  • SLAs will be drafted between January and June 2018, to memorialize the actual services being provided to schools and the cost of those services. Comprehensive SLAs will be developed for the services provided to ensure that both schools and central services meet required standards.
  • All funds for direct services to schools that are currently provided by central services will be placed into the strategic budgets of each school precinct.
  • All direct services to schools will continue to be provided by Central Services in the 2018-19 school year in order to provide stability in the first full year of implementation of SLAs and these transfers of responsibility. This will also give Central Services the opportunity to continue to focus on our level of service and demonstrate to schools that we provide the most reliable, highest-quality direct services to schools.
  • A feedback mechanism will be established as part of the SLA process to ensure schools receive excellent customer service in the direct services that central provides to schools. Feedback will be obtained during the 2018-19 school year to include: measures of performance, cost of services to individual schools, and the school’s overall satisfaction with the service. The information provided in SLAs and the process for gathering feedback from school communities will inform discussions regarding services that principals may opt to obtain from alternate providers in future years, pending Board approval, as provided in AB 469. School plans that may lead to requests for proposals will be brought back to the board for consideration pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 332.

The Board of Trustees previously approved the transfer of two responsibilities to schools, including Ensuring a Clean, Well-Maintained Learning Environment  and School Technology Support and Compliance. The responsibilities listed in the item for the January 11 meeting are in addition to these items.

SLAs are an important step in complying with AB 469 and to advance the board’s strategic imperatives of increasing academic excellence, engagement, school support, and clarity and focus.