Pat, Personally

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Legacy of CCSD

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about topics that I personally feel are part of the legacy of CCSD. Reflecting upon the last five years, these are my personal favorites and in no way reflect any priority in CCSD. These programs either make me smile or cry happy tears, but all have made a significant impact on the students of CCSD.

I was sitting in a local restaurant at lunch last week, trying to get a meal in between three school visits and three afternoon meetings. As I was talking with the individuals sitting at the table, the waiter brought over a note from another patron and stated, “I was asked to give you this.” As I sat and read the note over and over, tears were rolling down my face. 

Click here to view the note.

Mission High School was a risk for the trustees and myself.  The questions were simple, “Could we create the nation’s first non-charter, non-private high school to serve students who were willing to take on their addictions? Could we create an environment where students were ‘willing’ to participate in their personal recovery?”

The overwhelming answer was YES!  It took many meetings and many community partners to step up to assist with this amazing program. It took many individuals who were willing to give time, money and support to CCSD, as well as the principal and her team.

Mission High School is not a cure for addiction; there is no cure. It is a place where some of our most challenged students go to complete high school and to make the daily goal of “one day at a time.” We are so proud of the team that put this together, including Jeff Horn, a school associate superintendent, who was the CCSD champion.

This program didn’t have to be created by CCSD. We didn’t have to take the risk on a program that was new to the community. What we DID have to do is ensure the academic, social and behavioral success of “every student in every classroom, without exceptions, without excuses.”  

This is an example of CCSD leading the nation! This is an example of the legacy of CCSD for the past five years!