Pat, Personally

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The meaning of community

Last week, I spent time on the phone with Mr. Richard Carranza, former principal of Eldorado High School and current Superintendent of the Houston Independent School District. We talked about what he needed to open school on Sept. 11, 2017 after Hurricane Harvey.

As we talked, he noted that there was damage to some of his schools, but most importantly, that there were schools that were used as shelters. Many student families were displaced, as well as numerous employee families. He shared that there were many organizations that offered assistance, while using schools as distribution sites for supplies.

It brought to mind that schools are still centers of the community. We are constantly asked to use our schools as shelters when there are neighborhood issues. When flash floods, fires or situations that threaten the safety of people in their homes occur, we get a call. We willingly open our schools to ensure the safety of the community and provide temporary shelter to those in need.

That is the true meaning of community, people coming together to assist when there is a need. People from all over the world, including our schools and members of our community, provided goods or services to those in need after Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We step up when needed.

We must remember that the strength of our community is the willingness to help those in need. Let us continue to be a community that supports each other.