Pat, Personally

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Blue Ribbon Schools

Our district is filled with outstanding achievements and gains that our entire community can be proud of.

One of the moments that results in tremendous pride for me is when the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) announces the list of National Blue Ribbon Schools each year. Being selected as a Blue Ribbon Schools is one of the most prestigious awards that a school can receive. Each year, the DOE only selects about 300-350 schools to receive this designation and that includes all schools in the United States – public and private.

This year, only 342 schools were selected nationally and we are thrilled to learn that two of our schools, Sandra Lee Thompson and Shirley and Bill Wallin Elementary Schools, were named Blue Ribbon Schools.

To the staff members at these schools, I congratulate you on achieving this distinction and I commend you for your hard work in helping students achieve. To the parents, I thank you for being part of the team that helps our students grow and learn. I would also like to thank our many community supporters for their assistance in providing donations and volunteering time in our schools.

This year marks the ninth consecutive year that CCSD has had at least one school selected and it marks the 26th time a CCSD school has been named a Blue Ribbon School.

These are challenging times, but with the combined efforts of our staff, parents and community, we can all work to continue to help increase student achievement and celebrate even more Blue Ribbon Schools of excellence.