Monday, November 5, 2012
Superintendent issues statement re: RTTT grant

In a statement issued Nov. 2, 2012, CCSD Superintendent Dwight D. Jones said, "The District is pleased that this issue has been resolved and that we were able to move forward today with our application for the Race to the Top (RTTT) grant. The District appreciates Governor Sandoval's leadership and the hardworking staff here at CCSD who have spent weeks on this application process. Education champions including Mayor Goodman, Senator Reid, Congresswoman Berkley, Congressman Heck, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Guthrie have signed off on the application. Our community agreed that applying for these funds is the right thing to do. The decision of the CCEA president to sign onto our Race to the Top application is welcome and clears the way for the District to compete for up to $40 million in funds that would go directly into the classroom to assist teachers and increase academic achievement for our students. The District is encouraged that CCEA came to the table today and helped us do what's best for our students. We are optimistic that union leadership will continue to join us on our road to reform and increased academic achievement in Clark County."