Monday, August 24, 2015
Teaching duo a plus for McCaw STEAM Academy

Batman and Robin can step aside, because the newest dynamic duo are Diana DiSalvio and Regina Lingenfelter. Both teach fifth grade at Gordon M. McCaw STEAM Academy and have been collaborating for the last three years to ensure their students are getting the best quality education. DiSalvio said, “We plan everything together. We map out the entire year. We have our own styles of delivery but we have a general plan that we execute.”

Lingenfelter was born and raised in Las Vegas and started with the Clark County School District (CCSD) nine years ago. DiSalvio is from Neptune, New Jersey, and has been with CCSD since 2002. Both say what sets them apart is their teamwork, energy and enthusiasm. “We have the vision and the drive to be successful in our classrooms,” said DiSalvio.

The dynamic duo bursts with pride when discussing their school. Lingenfelter said, “It’s a very family-oriented school and everyone feels at ease here.” DiSalvio added, “We are in a very positive environment.”

These two dedicated teachers meet once a week, to discuss what is being taught in their classrooms and what their goals are. In reality, they meet far more often than that, even calling each other on weeknights and weekends.

Their conversations are often very lively. DiSalvio said, “When people hear us talk, they aren’t quite sure if we’re getting along, but of course we are.” She noted that the two are very animated and opinionated, yet they always play to each other’s strengths.

The bottom line for both of these educators is student achievement. DiSalvio said, “It’s all about getting students to meet and exceed expectations.” To do that, they show up at work every day with anticipation and excitement.

Principal Jennifer Furman-Born said, “It is their dedication to student success that makes them shine. Ms. DiSalvio and Ms. Lingenfelter demonstrate a solid understanding, knowledge of, and consistent use of varied and effective instructional strategies and methods to meet instructional objectives and the needs of all students.” She added that the “dynamic duo” brings a passion and enthusiasm to teaching and learning that has become contagious throughout the school.