Monday, August 24, 2015
A support system worth buzzing over

Being the new kid on the block can be difficult, even  as a teacher, but Clark County School District’s Employee Onboarding and Development (CCSD EOD) department aims to ease the challenges of being a first-year educator.

To obligate one’s time to crafting young thinkers requires a substantial amount of dedication and focus – tack on the many distractions of Las Vegas and a new job and lesson plans can get challenging.

Enter The Hive. A support program born from the mantra as a larger collective, we can all “be greater together.” EOD developed the program to cultivate budding educators and retain experienced teachers. The Hive provides opportunities to inspire and promote ideas between teachers; support to pursue said ideas; events to initiate action; and courage to embrace potential.

Support is the key objective to the many resources The Hive offers. The Hive hosts informal events such as Educational Meet-Ups (EMU) and Social Meet-Ups (SMU) once a month. These meet-ups allow teachers to collaborate on projects and bond over entertaining activities such as karaoke or roller-skating.The Hive also hosts formal new-teacher symposiums four times a year. Every new educator is invited to participate in intensive development activities.

New educators are also provided a mentor at their respective school site and if one-on-one mentoring is requested, EOD will visit schools to provide support and guidance. New this school year is e-mentoring – new teachers will have the opportunity to chat with a mentor via videoconference, where one “teacher leader” will coach a group of new teachers.

The Hive addresses not just teacher improvement, but teacher retention as well. EOD hopes to provide increased support to new teachers with the addition of e-mentoring and many other resources.

“The Hive creates a shared experience and brings us together off our teacher islands and allows us to know that we are not alone,” said Pat Diskin Elementary School teacher Evan Scherr. “We can share resources and come together for what is truly the greatest profession in the world – educating our children.”