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department avatarTitle I Services

Program Components



  P  Highly Qualified Early Childhood Licensed Teacher

  P  Highly Qualified Teacher/Family Aide

Instructional Model

  P  Half Day: AM-2.5 hours with breakfast; PM-2.5 hours with lunch

Curriculum - Creative Curriculum for Preschool®

  P  Developmentally Appropriate Practices

  P  Mastery of NV Pre-K Content Standards

  P  Emphasis on Language/Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies,
             Art, Music and Physical Development

  P  Direct and Student Initiated Instruction:

o   Small Group

o   Individualized

Class Size

  P  Teacher-Student ratio - 20:2

  P  1 Teacher, 1 Teacher/Family Aide

  P  Minimum # of students: 18-20 Per Session


  P  Brigance Screening

  P  Ongoing Observation

  P  Portfolio Assessment

  P  Individual Growth Development Indicators

  P  Language Assessment

Progress Reports

  P 3 times per year

High Quality Learning Environment