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CCSD Property Loss

CCSD Property Loss Claim Process 

(Insurance Fund Reporting and Replacement of District Inventoried Equipment Damaged/Stolen)

  1. Not all losses will be covered by Risk Management. Make sure you are clear, accurate, and thorough when giving the facts of the loss to school police. Risk Management will make a determination of coverage based on the facts presented in the report.
  2. Notify CCSD Police immediately of a burglary or vandalism. If the theft occurred off school district property but involved CCSD property, contact the proper police jurisdiction.
  3. Complete police “Property Loss Report” (make a minimum of 4 copies for distribution and site use). ALL REPORTS MUST BE COMPLETED WITH CORRECT SERIAL NUMBERS AND VALUES and must include ALL items taken or damaged. All items must be included on the site inventory including make, model, serial number, and brief description of item.
  4. Notify Risk Management of the loss or damage so a claim can be set-up for the loss. They will need the police report number and a copy of the property loss report which includes all serial numbers and values. Risk Management will review the loss and determine if there is coverage. Risk Management will notify the site of their determination.
    1. Complete and sign the Insurance Fund Claim Worksheet and send to Risk Management
      1. If the claim is accepted by Risk Management, the site will receive a memo with information regarding how to proceed with the replacement of the items lost.
      2. Your site is responsible for a $500 loss deductible, if the loss is due to a burglary or vandalism.
  5. Call your Performance Zone/Division office and inform them of the loss so they can assist you with your claim, if necessary.
  6. All replacement items must be approved by the Risk Management Department and replaced by the Purchasing Department within the same fiscal year as the loss. An exception will be granted if the loss occurs during the summer months when fiscal years change or staff is not available on site to submit paperwork. In those instances, all replacement information must be completed within one (1) year of the date of loss.
  7. It is also important to remember the following facts:
    1. The deductible is charged for each theft. If you are burglarized two days in a row, you will owe $500 for each theft for a total of $1,000.
    2. Contact Federal Programs at 799-5268 if the stolen items were originally purchased with federal funds. There is no deductible when replacing items originally purchased with federal funds. However, if equipment not purchased with federal funds is stolen at the same time, the deductible will apply to those items not purchased with federal funds.
    3. If the value of the lost items is less than $500, the site is responsible for replacing the stolen items.
    4. Replacement amounts are based on replacing equipment with like kind and quality. If equipment is upgraded then the site will be responsible for paying the difference.
    5. If you have any questions regarding the coverage of your loss contact the Risk Management Department at 799-6496.
  8. The following is important in determining if your claim will be covered by Risk Management:
    1. Was the value of the stolen items over $500? (Not necessary if originally purchased with Federal Funds)
    2. Do the items have serial numbers? Were the items listed on your inventory? (If not, they are not covered).
    3. Was a police report filed? The report should be completed immediately. Make sure all items taken are listed on the property loss report and include serial numbers and values.
    4. Was the claim filed within ninety (90) days of the incident? (Refer to Regulation 3612).
    5. Was all documentation of replacement completed and submitted within one (1) year of the loss?

Click here to download claim worksheet