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Public Concerns

Reporting a Crime

The Public Concern process is not a replacement for investigation of criminal behavior, if you know of a crime or suspect a crime is being committed, contact the Clark County School District’s 24 hour Police Dispatch at 702-799-5411 or CCSDPD Operation Crime-Free Schools Hotline (Anonymous) 702-799-0228.

Reporting Bullying

Senate Bill 504 established mandatory requirements related to bullying/cyberbullying therefore it is no longer appropriate to address those matters through the District’s other complaint processes such as the Parent Concern process, Constituent Services, and/or the Instruction Unit procedures.  Please report bullying concerns through the school or on the Say No to Bullying Web page on Public Concern Forms reporting bullying will not be processed through the Public Concern procedures, but will be forwarded back to the respective school to handle through the District's bullying procedures.

Resolving Concerns

The Clark County School District believes every parent has the right and the responsibility to represent their child in unresolved matters that impact success in public education.

When issues occur at school, parents are encouraged to talk with their child’s teacher and principal as the first step in getting answers to their concerns. As a next step, contacting Constituent Services (formerly the Ombudsman Office) can also help in resolving concerns and obtaining answers. Frequently, a satisfactory solution is readily obtained at these levels for all of those involved.

When an informal resolution is unobtainable, Public Concern Forms are available at all CCSD schools, the Greer Education Center located at 2832 East Flamingo Road and the Sahara Administrative Offices located at 5100 West Sahara Avenue.

The public concern process allows for a formal investigation of the stated issue and provides the person filing the concern with a written response of that investigation within eight (8) school days. If for any reason a resolution is not obtained, CCSD Policy 1213 offers an appeal process.

Completed forms may be returned to any CCSD location for forwarding to the Community and Government Relations Office, via U.S. mail at 5100 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89146, or by fax at 702-799-1082.

If you have questions about the Public Concern process or wish to request a form via U.S. mail, please call the Public Concern line at 702-799-5005 during our office hours from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. This process does not allow staff to investigate anonymous complaints.