Focus School Project Testimonials


Our business partner, Toyota Financial Savings Bank, has helped us in so many areas. They provide funding for an after-school tutoring program; they purchase supplies and materials for our literacy and math nights; and they teach our students lessons on saving money in a way that they can understand. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with them.

Thank you for the books and gift bags that you gave us. Dr. Suess is my favorite. I hope to become a fluent read and have my comprehension improve. Thanks to you, I have a better chance at becoming a good reader and writer.

Our company is a big supporter of mentoring as part of our Focus School activities. When I first started the program, I thought it was so that I could change the lives of the students. Not only were their lives changed, but my life changed as well! Mentoring is so fulfilling. The children look up to us as role models. Even the parents support the involvement we have in the student's lives. It was so rewarding to hear a mother tell me how her son has come out of his shell. He used to be very shy, but now he is outgoing with new friends. What a joy!

Our employees are so excited to be involved with our Focus Schools teaching Junior Achievement. The students are receptive and love the interactive nature of the programs. We always feel welcome in every classroom that we volunteer.

One thing that stays in my mind when I got involved with Focus Schools at John S. Park is we did a "Going to Town Day" and our organization donated a lot of books, toys and clothing for this event. The children that earned the most stars got to "work" the store by sorting out and pricing the items, playing cashier and converting stars that the "buying" students had earned into play money, and actually helping to sell the items being displayed. It was an incredible event, but what was most interesting is when I asked many of the students as they were leaving on what they purchased and why, they said "I bought it for my brother/sister, I think they will like it"! They were thinking of someone else, other than themselves. I stayed with Focus Schools after that; it touched my heart.